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If you have been yearning for a progressive toning and strengthening workout with the structure of a formal martial art, our Adult Martial Arts Conditioning Program is for you.


Our Chief Instructor is a retired Master Sargent of the US Army Special Forces. For the adults class, he brings self-defense techniques and weapons training tried and tested in the field.


We practice a traditional based system of integrated martial arts called Kami Bushi Kai, which means “Divine Warrior System”. Okawa Te Bujutsu Kai combines Japanese Shotokan Karate, Japanese & Brazilian Jiu-jitsu with American and Muay Thai kickboxing into one very flexible system that provides our students with an extremely effective way to defend themselves while getting in the best shape of their lives.


Learn Traditional Karate' in a safe, clean and friendly environment

Our Martial Arts Functional Fitness Program integrates punches, kicks, knee and elbow strikes coupled with progressive physical conditioning to develop effective self defense skills while helping you lose weight, build muscle and transform your body. Additionally, each class is designed to challenge the student’s cardiovascular fitness and raise their level of conditioning. If you want an intense functional fitness workout, you’ll find it here!


Learn to defend yourself in any situation. Shotokan Karate gives us very powerful strikes, kicks and blocks that can disable an opponent with one well-placed shot. Jiu-jitsu allows us to use throws, foot-sweeps, ground attack and escape strategies, chokes and joint locks to subdue an opponent without unnecessarily hurting them. Kickboxing gives us rapid hand combinations, devastating kicks, and footwork that allows us to evade an attack and set our opponent up for the finishing blow.


Many students have reported to us that their increased level of physical fitness and the confidence they've gained through their experience with us has allowed them to perform better at work, in school, and at home. We know that you will find our staff of instructors to be a very positive influence on you, your child and your family.


Get in the best shape of your life physically and mentally!

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