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GRACIE® Jiu Jitsu Athens at American Black Belt Academy (A.B.B.A.) is the MOST professional Personal Success Training Program in the southeast United States using Self-Defense as a vehicle to attain individual achievement.

GRACIE® Jiu Jitsu Athens is recognized as a world class martial arts leader in self defense training featuring the most professional and effective curriculum available presented at a clean friendly and welcoming modern training facility. Delivering training based on the unmatched REAL world experience of Academy founder and Director Randy McElwee as an operational "Green Beret" serving in the US Army Special Forces for 20 plus years and employing unarmed and knife combat techniques in actual classified missions and combat operations. Selected to serve as the Subject Matter Adviser developing and establishing training programs for 5TH Special Forces Group, his experience has been applied to all aspects of the academy's training programs.

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Combining this unique real experience with over 30 years of Martial Arts training and instruction backed up by some of the most extensive instructor certification in the industry as a martial arts instructor and an educator in the capacity of the senior instructor for the Military Science Department at the University of Georgia; Making American Black Belt Academy the MOST PROFESSIONAL Self Defense Training Program in the southeast United States.

With our lead instructor's unique Special Forces military background, we even have students and visitors commuting from Atlanta. American Black Belt Academy Self Defense Training Center is under the direction of retired Army Special Forces Combat Veteran and multi system Black Belt, Kyoshi Randy McElwee.


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