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Welcome to American Black Belt Academy; a family friendly training facility with the most professional Personal Success Training Program in Georgia with over twenty five years of experience in martial arts and real world unarmed combat using Self-Defense as a vehicle to attain individual achievement.


We are Athens’ only full-time professional, private martial arts, fitness, and self defense training academy. Internationally recognized as a world class leader in Martial Arts Education, our positive professionally certified staff, continuously updated world-class martial arts training supported by the unmatched real world experience of Academy founder and Director Retired Special Forces Master Sergeant (MSG-Ret) Randy McElwee. McElwee's realistic military background and our state of the art modern facility provides a high standard unparalleled program for a variety of goals: featuring exciting programs for adults, teens, and children, we offer the most modern and innovative martial arts and fitness training in the Northeast Georgia area. Our programs are regularly reviewed and re-perfected by our Chief Instructor for a combination of the most updated and classically effective self defense. Our programs use encouraging positive reinforcement, respect, and discipline to motivate students to reach higher levels of self defense skill and overall fitness.

This training is guaranteed to enhance your confidence, improve your personal protective skills, and reduce your fear of physical encounters and real world threats. If you’d like your child to develop discipline and focus while having fun or maybe you’re a parent that would like to have more energy to spend with your family, or unshakable confidence to protect them in an increasingly chaotic world. College students wanting fitness and personal protection, or people looking for serious self defense training that has been tested and proven literally on the battlefield. No matter what your goal our training programs can help you be more successful.

Serving Athens Since 2005 !!
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ATHENS' ONLY AUTHENTIC Gracie Jiu Jitsu, Martial Arts, Traditional Karate', KEYSI Self Defense, and Bully Ultimate Defense in Athens, Georgia.


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